“I have been hearing nothing but WONDERFUL responses "word of mouth" from the trainees. Literally, they are coming one after another today!! I have had one person even let me know they were skeptical (about Lean) but after the training "very impressed." I am also very impressed and pleased with how everything turned out.”
W.D. , Manager of Process Improvement

"I cannot thank you enough for the great job you did with our group.  Your “style” was perfect for us and all the materials were extremely helpful.  This was probably the best group experience we have ever had….”
K.B. ,  HR Director

“Your presentation was very well received by the members.  Many of those who attended commented that your presentation was a very good discussion of waste as the link between safety and a lean organization and they found it valuable.”
D.W., Consultant

“I filled all exhibition folders in only four hours.  It used to take me 1 ½ days.  5S really worked…..”
D.M., Employee

“He (Taubitz) got right in there with us and helped us!  He helped us find a system that we could stay with until it becomes automatic habit.”
Shelly Day, Executive Director – Fenton Chamber of Commerce in the Tri County Times