About Our Business

The Co-Founders of Sustainable Lean LLC combine nearly 65 years of combined engineering and management background. Each of our founders had their own "soak time" to absorb what lean meant to them and their markets. Now they have come together as partners in the form of Sustainable Lean LLC to pass their experiences to organizations of every size and form. To review the bios of our principals please CLICK HERE

Our approach is simple. Respect for people is the core tenant of any lean system. During our training Sustainable Lean seeks to develop a repoire with participants that enables them to understand and respect the work of their peers. Once this mutual respect is established through team exercises we introduce the necessary tools for your organization to establish and maintain Sustainable Lean!


If you are not satisfied with the training session we provide then we won't charge you. It's just that simple. You only refund us our travel expenses to visit your facility. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us show you what we can do for your organization today!

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