Oakland University ISE581 Class

We just finished teaching a graduate level systems engineering class at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. “OU ISE 581 Lean Principles and Application” was an evening class with adult students. We prefer to deal with students who can bring real-world life experiences into the class-room as we desire to make “lean” simple, fun and applicable at work and home.

We had a great time, and based upon our review of the anonymous evaluations, so did the students. We’re pleased that we got high marks and particularly that so many ranked us in the top 25% or best of all instructors that students have had in all of their classes.

Some of the comments we received include:

“Great course, even with my experience level. I had a lot of ‘take-aways’ and gained better understanding of the tools and their application”

“Lots of classroom discussion. Cool hearing two instructors mix it up”

“Gave students real-life experience related to the class – helpful and easy to understand”

“Very enjoyable, personable and interactive”

“Stories from experience made it more real”

“Easy going, compatibility of professors with students… I enjoyed the mix of PPT presentations, handouts and chalk board diagrams.”

“Fun and interactive – liked the jokes. Leveled with students and did not stand up and just lecture”

“Like the repetition of information (beating the basics into our heads)”

“Lean concepts enable critical thinking – not weapons… Friendly class room environment”

“Light-hearted; appropriate homework quantity”

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