A Great Exercise for Your Lean Team : Lean Journey Tips

Larry and I ran a fun session for a client last week. Each participant was provided a list of more than 50 tips before the class. During the session, each person spent one minute describing why they selected a particular tip for continuing their personal lean journey. (i.e. you get what you accept, not what you expect). After each person spoke, we broke the group into small teams and had each team reach consensus regarding the most important or relevant thoughts as agreed by their team. We thought our readers might be interested in the outcome.

The collection of selected tips includes:
• Becoming lean requires leadership and teamwork
• Fairness and respect for all are cornerstones of any journey
• Group brainstorming can produce powerful results; in a lean culture it will never stifle individual thought
• Do your best – no one can ask for more
• The greatest risk is not taking one
• Continuous improvement is continuous – you are never done
• Team members will become ‘lean thinkers’ at different times; keep moving forward, sharing successes and lessons until you hit the tipping point for true culture change
• Do no attempt changes / improvements without the input of affected stakeholders

The best part of the exercise was hearing how much the participants enjoyed listening to “why” their colleagues thought something was important.

Respect for all at its best…..

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