Sustainable Lean Provides Custom Training for Our Clients

Sustainable Lean conducts a baseline training that typically takes 2 days a month over a 6 month period. We send a team of two seasoned professionals with diverse experiences to share with our clients. We don't sugar coat lean as the end all be all savior for your organization and we provide real world examples of good and bad lean implementations we have experienced. Based on the needs and existing skill set of the trainees Sustainable Lean assembles a curriculum suitable for your organization. Class participants are treated as adult learners. Homework is given however we do not collect or grade it.

Typically class participants are eager to share their experiences from applying Sustainable Lean to their work or home environments. It is important to let Sustainable Lean grow organically in a manner where participants pull information and techniques they want and need. Sustainable Lean is not a push system. True Sustainable Lean empowers participants to recognize "What's In It For Me?" The WIIFM approach to training makes the training valuable to both the organization and the individual.

Free Consultation

Our team will meet with your organization to assess a lean training plan based on your current lean level of expertise. We are convinced that after an hour consultation with our team that you will take the path to Sustainable Lean. Please visit our contact page in order to contact a Sustainable Lean consultant for more information.