Achieve Common Goals

In order to align the goals of an organization the leadership must commit to the sustainment of lean in a manner that seeks input from individuals and rewards participation at all levels. This engagement starts with respect for the individual. Once the respect is established your team can truly learn about the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities you face together. Lean enables a voice to hear the perspecitve of each individual, group and how they can mesh into common goals for the organization.

Without a destination in mind any port in a storm seems fit! Lean can benefit an organization in many ways. Lean can exist at the individual, department or organization wide. The effectiveness is directly related to the level of engagement across the organization. In a truly lean organization waste is recognized, analyzed, and team members are engaged to reduce the waste utilizing any combination of lean common tools.

Leadership is Required

Many organizations bring in outside consultants to run lean Kaizen events without providing the required communication and training to make the event a true teaching event. Sustainable Lean seeks to empower our clients at all levels with the proper training which includes the Sustainable Lean Tool Set. More importantly Sustainable Lean emphasizes the importance of respecting the individual and their work areas. Lean can be viewed as a weapon if not deployed properly. True leadership is required to make sure that team members are valued as the most valuable asset of your organization.

Many of the consultants in this industry focus on engaging clients for the lean project that never ends. Sustainable Lean does not believe in establishing themselves as the expert in your firm as a full time consultant. Alternatively, Sustainable Lean's goal is to teach your team how to fish instead of catching fish for them. If your lean consultant is running your 5S or Value Stream Map exercises or worse yet your Lean Projects you need a new approach if what you truly seek is Sustainable Lean. We teach through real world examples based on lean application in real world environments such as government, academia, small business and Fortune 50 companies.