Sustainable Lean Asks WIIFM

If you expect the members of your organization to attend training and buy into lean concepts then you'd be wise to answer the question of "What's In It For Me?" as soon as possible. Engagement at every level is key to the understanding and respect required to grow lean organically in your organization. Without respect you cannot empower your team to recognize their own potential and that of the greater group. The basic respect of recognizing the need to provide benefit to the individual is a core principal of Sustainable Lean.

Some of the best stories and compliments we recieve from people that have attended our courses come in the form of how they taught a family member something at home they learned during their work day at lean training. From a 5S event with the family to a family garage equipped with lean visual controls for tools and outdoor items. We know our training impacts individuals far beyond the workplace. Lean thinking is pervasive in every aspect of your life once you understand the tools and respect required to implement Sustainable Lean!

Think of your team as your client. Do they remember the 10 great projects or the one failure? Too many in business environments simply recognize lean as "having a clean desk". Lean is not intended to be a weapon used against employees. At this point many organizations must overcome a "Poor Lean Image" by re-engaging staff with proper training and most of all RESPECT! Lean is a culture implemented in concert across the organization to reach and sustain common goals.

Learn Respect and the Application of the Lean Tool Set, not Japanese Language!

We believe that some trainees are inhibited by the Japanese terms so we teach the lessons with English references. We make the Japanese terms available for those interested, however our focus is on the understanding and application of the tool set... not what you call it! Compounding this inhibition is a lack of proper respect and training before organizations roll out lean events to their staff. How many members of your staff can tell a negative story about a Lean Project run by a consultant or internal manager? We bet that if member of your staff has not personally had a bad experience then they can at least share a story they have heard. This is the sour grape that kills lean in many organizations. The key to success is to recognize that not every project will go perfectly, however true lean adjusts and is ever mindful to respect the individual. Maybe the project was overscoped? Don't be afraid to re-scope it! Maybe the team adjacent to the Lean 5S event was not informed as to why teammates are throwing out a bunch of good stuff? Or maybe someone has had the experience of having a "Lean" team come through and 5S their personal work area without involving them? The list goes on and on...We provide the tools and the training to help you accomplish Sustainable Lean in your organization.

The Tools

A clear understanding of the tools and techniques required for lean success is established in our training courses. We teach a variety of complimentary tools in our course curriculum. Here are many of the tools we cover : 5S, Value Stream Mapping, One Page Report Writing, Knowledge Folders, Strategy Deployment, Visual Controls, 5 Whys, Fishbone diagrams, Affinity diagrams and more.

The Training

Sustainable Lean introduces trainees to the concept mutual RESPECT from Day 1. Every exercise we conduct in our course facilitates lean team thinking based on respect for the individual. Your team gains experience learning and applying lean tools while they learn about the different segments of your organization in a manner that inspires bonding and greater teamwork.